Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh, the joy of reading my favorite blogs

One of the best tricks I have learned to help keep my wardrobe fresh is by browsing fashion blogs. This is a great way to find styling tips. I read tons of blogs but these 2 are my absolute favorite!

1. The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni

I remember the very first time I stumbled upon The Blonde Salad, Oh my God her style and attitude is fierce! She is perfect and her blog is addictive! I LOVE HER and I’m not going to lie, I’m mostly jealous of her killer bag and shoes collection!!! Check out her blog, bet you’ll love her outfits, too!

2. Thirstythought by Kryz Uy

She plays on simple color combinations and she always finds a way to make the latest trends slot seamlessly into an every day chic outfit.  I find inspiration in the way she can make an outfit practical and stylish at the same time! I think most girls strive for that effortless look!
I find lots of inspiration from her outfits and i can't help but smile every time that she takes time to write a cheeeeesy post about her boyfie. Hooray for a sweet girlfriend/awesome fashion blogger like kryz!

So these are the girls I look to for daily doses of inspiration. I constantly feel inspired by them to push myself a little bit more. Do you follow any of these fashion bloggers? Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers?

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